SAI Telenor Digital Research Competition

UiO Telenor Digital Research Competition

Kickstart your career!

Join SAI and Telenor Digital’s research competition! SAI & Telenor Digital invite all anthropology and SV students to participate.

How will this work, and how can I participate?

  1. Send an email with your research proposal (1-2 pages) to cecilie dot perez at telenorditigal dot com by 20.02.2017. Your proposal will be evaluated by SAI and Telenor staff.
  2. February 2017: the proposals that made it to the final will be announced. All finalists get a small prize. The finalists will have about one month to complete their proposed research.
  3. All finalists will receive individual guidance from SAI and Telenor.
  4. The finalists will present their findings to Telenor and SAI staff, in late March
  5. At this event the winner will be announced, the first place winner get’s a prize valued at (approx) 10 000 NOK, as well as a shadow day of their dreams!

Can we participate in groups?

Absolutely! If your team wins, the prize will be split amongst the team members.

What should my research proposal include?

  • A clearly defined research question(s) that is anchored in anthropological thinking and methodology
  • Outline of methodology
  • Clearly defined timeline (no longer than 3 weeks)
  • Study population: Who are you interested in? and how will you recruit them for your study?
  • Ethical considerations

What topic should my study be on?

The topic is for this competition is communication within Norwegian families:How do families organise and communicate amongst themselves? How do they navigate, choose, understand and feel about the disperse landscape of communication tools? Cork-boards, oral messages, SMS, chat groups; use ethnography to capture the lived experience of families.

What should my research question be?

You are free to choose your own research question(s) as long as it relates to the topic: ‘Communication within Norwegian Families’. Below are some examples for inspiration:

  • Private life and public spaces:
  • How do families, and its different members experience and understand public and private with relation to communication?
  • Communication in everyday life:
  • How do families communicate when they plan and organise? What tools do they use and what needs do the different family members have?
  • How do family dynamics and communication practices within families influence each other?

When is the deadline?

Submit your proposal by 20.02.2017

What can I win?

  • First prize for a value of (approx) 10 000 NOK
  • Runners-up prizes for a value of 1000-2000 NOK
  • The opportunity to present your findings to Telenor Digital.
  • Shadow day tailored especially for you! Get first-hand experience on how your education can be put to work in an organisation like Telenor.

I’m still confused, how can I contact you?

Send an email to cecilie dot perez at telenorditigal dot com

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