About Gonzo

Project Gonzo is a project in the Exploratory Engineering program in Telenor Digital where we aim to build a cheap, always-on camera that is available over an internet connection. With Gonzo we want to answer questions that currently require physical presence:

  • How big are the waves in Playa de Valdevaqueros?
  • Is my favourite spot in the coffee bar available?
  • Did the snow around my cabin melt yet?
  • Who is in front of my door?

These questions need visual data to be answered, and are highly time specific. Gonzo solves this problem. You hang the Gonzo somewhere where you can monitor these situations, after which it will function for one month. To view what’s going on you visit the URL that is printed on the Gonzo. Having a visible URL on the device means that everyone who sees the camera can also reuse the feed. In addition to taking a snapshot whenever someone is looking, Gonzo also makes a photo every few minutes creating a dynamic timeline. The device is always-on and connected over a 2G connection.

We want to build Gonzo as cheap as possible, at a throw-away price point. To accomodate this we use off the shelf phone hardware running on top of a fork of Firefox OS (why?). This blog shows the progress we are going through building the device and the software that powers it.


Jan Jongboom demo’ing a first iteration Gonzo device during JSConf.asia. The camera is standing left on the speaker desk. The feed from the camera is shown on the screen.

Gonzo project members are Olav Nymoen, Bjorn Borud, Thomas Langaas and Jan Jongboom.

For press inquiries please contact Jan Jongboom.

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