Last week during re:Invent, Amazon announced AWS IoT. If you ignore all the fluff on the product page, the service is essentially a message broker. You throw messages over MQTT to Amazon, and you can set up rules to act upon those messages, for example to store the messages in a database. In Telenor Digital we’re working quite a lot with LoRa, Semtech’s wide area network solution, and we figured it would be worth an experiment to see how we can integrate our network with AWS IoT.

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I have been writing mostly C and C++ in the last months, hacking away on LoRa and drones, but I had the pleasure of doing a week of JavaScript again, and I was reminded how much I love this weird, quirk and beautiful language. So today a write-up of some very useful patterns that show the power of JS.

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Flying a drone in your browser with WebBluetooth

There are tons of devices around us, and the number is only growing. And more and more of these devices come with connectivity. This brings new challenges: how can we discover devices around us, and how can we interact with them?

Ah! An empty meeting room. The moment you sit down however you’re being kicked out by someone who apparently ‘reserved’ the damn thing, and you’ll have to start your quest for some quiet working space all over again. Annoying. So when you’re finally used to first checking the calendar for the room, you’ll start to notice that there are people reserving rooms that they are not using at all!

As we see smart suitcases, connected plants, and egg management devices appear I was wondering why our meeting rooms are still so dumb. When companies are building ‘smart’ meeting rooms, they usually don’t get further than just hanging an iPad next to the entrance. It’s time to create a proper smart meeting room.

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Google selects to make WebRTC tutorial

Together with Google, we made a tutorial based on the challenges we have faced, to make it easy for other developers to get started with using WebRTC.